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Real Shark Tooth Necklace Aluminum Dog Tag with Great White Shark and Hammerhead Shark Design


This unique jewelry is crafted of satin finish black aluminum dog tag with engraved ying yang great white shark and hammerhead design and showcasing a wire wrapped real shark tooth charm pendant. Dog tag measures approximately 2 inches long x 1 inch wide and hangs from a 24 inch stainless steel bead bead chain. Perfect for your casual wardrobe.

* All our Sharks Teeth are Very Real and Sharp
* These are Jewelry Grade A Sharks Teeth
*They are properly cleaned.
* All teeth vary some in shape
* Our vendor possess a US Federal Fish & Wildlife Permit. We buy from licensed commercial fisherman. They harvest shark meat for sale just like they do with swordfish, cod, tuna, salmon, etc. The jaws and teeth are simply a by-product. We do not buy or sell sharks teeth from any endangered species.


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